Is it possible to have sex in the treatment of prostatitis

Is it possible to have sex in the treatment of prostatitis?

At first glance, it seems as if sex life and prostate have nothing in common with each other. But if you look into it in detail, it becomes clear that they depend on each other. The prostate gland is a male organ that produces a special secret that is part of the sperm. Accordingly, it is responsible for the reproductive function. When a man is healthy, he regularly lives a sexual life: fluid is produced in sufficient quantities – it is easy for a woman to get pregnant. Regular sexual intercourse prevents the appearance of prostatitis, because when a healthy man lives an intimate life, blood circulation in the prostate gland improves, blood flow increases, and the risk of occurrence decreases.

In the diagnosis of prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate gland, metabolic processes are disrupted, stagnation occurs in the pelvic organs, the organ does not perform its function fully. Most people believe that sex with prostatitis is prohibited. But that’s not true. Sex is the main method of treating prostatitis. It is possible and necessary to live a sexual life with prostatitis. With the exception of acute processes, more on this later.

The priority of the appearance of prostatitis in young men is prolonged abstinence from sex, as a result of which a large amount of secret accumulates in the prostate gland, it stagnates. So, for the treatment of prostatitis, sex is useful, because during ejaculation, the secret of the prostate comes out.

Sex with acute prostatitis

Men often ask the question: is it possible to have sex with prostatitis? If this is an acute process, then it is impossible. With inflammation of the prostate gland, pain in the groin and abdomen, swelling of the scrotum, violations in urination, elevated temperature, complications may occur, therefore, during this period it is recommended to refrain from having sex with prostatitis. Often the cause of acute prostatitis is sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, syphilis). To prevent their development, it is better to have sex with one permanent partner and use a condom, since the man’s immunity is weakened, and the new microflora of a woman’s vagina can become pathogenic for a man. If there is no permanent partner, masturbation is used. But it does not have as good an effect on the treatment of prostatitis as sexual intercourse.

Sex with chronic prostatitis

Sex supports the hormonal background of men and women. Therefore, it plays an important role in our lives. With a chronic form, most often a person does not feel pain, there are no other symptoms of the disease, and therefore, it is possible to have sex. In this case, it acts on the prostate as a massage – improves the outflow of seminal fluid. Doctors recommend having sex regularly, but also do not forget about the main treatment of prostatitis. During ejaculation, you do not need to interrupt sexual intercourse, but on the contrary, completely empty the gland naturally. If this is done constantly, the composition of sperm will become better, the properties of spermatozoa and metabolic processes in the prostate gland will improve, toxic substances will be released along with the secret. Sex with chronic prostatitis should be.

Anal sex with prostatitis

Diversity in sexual life is good. Especially at a young age. But it is important to remember that this is not only a pleasure, but also an opportunity to get infected and transfer foreign microorganisms to a partner. The human rectum is a place in the body where there are many different conditionally pathogenic bacteria that are present in every person. When people have anal sex, they risk exchanging them and increasing their number. In this regard, bacterial flora develops. The bacteria enter the urethra and gradually descend into the prostate. Intensively multiplying, they cause many diseases, including prostatitis. For this reason, it is important to always protect yourself. However, doctors do not approve of anal sex during prostatitis treatment. This decision is made only in pairs together.

Precautions must be observed

If you decide to make love with prostatitis, it is important to remember a few truths in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Firstly, based on the age and capabilities of a man, make sex regular. To practice such treatment and prevention with only one partner in order to avoid infection. It is not advisable to engage in oral and anal sex. Secondly, if there is no permanent partner, replace sex with masturbation. About three times a week will be enough so that there is no stagnation in the pelvic organs. Thirdly, do not interrupt sexual intercourse. Ejaculation should occur naturally. These rules are best followed for high-quality treatment of prostatitis with sex.

Judging by all that has been listed above, it can be concluded that sex plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis.

Harm of intimate relationships

Intimate intercourse is harmful if a man has several sexual partners, he does not use methods of contraception, has sex in the acute period and constantly interrupts sexual intercourse. All these points can lead to stagnation in the pelvic organs, disorders in the genitourinary system, infectious diseases, frequent relapses, transition to a chronic form of prostatitis or more severe complications – prostate cancer, AIDS, syphilis.

The harm and benefits of having sex with prostatitis

Men note that prolonged abstinence has a bad effect on prostate health. Some refuse it because they are afraid of pain, discomfort during the process, often doubt their abilities. In chronic prostatitis, in most cases, the structure of the gland changes, this leads to a decrease in potency and hormonal dysfunction. To prevent this from happening, it is important to have sex often – regular sexual intercourse supports the hormonal balance of a man.

When the seminal fluid is secreted, toxins and microbes are excreted along with it. This leads to a decrease in the amount of secretions and high-quality functioning of the gland.

An important point is the partner’s attitude to the process of intercourse with a man who is ill for prostatitis. She should not emphasize that her husband is ill. It is better to treat him with understanding and support. Do not be afraid to make love, only wisely approach the choice of the type of sex. And, of course, to protect yourself, think about protecting sexual intercourse.

It would be right to talk about the dangers of sex during exacerbations and acute prostatitis processes. As mentioned earlier, sex with inflammation and bacterial infections is best avoided so as not to aggravate the situation. It is necessary to abstain and undergo medical antibacterial treatment for prostatitis. After the course of treatment, take tests and make sure that everything is fine. After elimination, you can have sex again.

If a man underwent surgery, his prostate gland was removed and the nerve endings were not damaged, potency was preserved, lovemaking is also allowed, everything depends on the person’s well-being and readiness to lead an active sexual life. Doctors recommend starting after 2-3 months after surgery.

The importance of sex in prostatitis

Of course, it is possible to have sex with prostatitis. Urologists support this method of treatment. It is important to live an intimate life with prostatitis, because when there is a constant ejaculation, the prostate cells divide, are saturated with oxygen, thus, the process of “rejuvenation” of the secret secreted by a man takes place, and the shape of the prostate gland changes (swelling goes down), the inflammatory effect is removed. The fact that a man can live a sexual life gives an emu the opportunity not to feel sick. He can do it the same way as before. Due to these reasons, sex is an important component in the treatment of prostatitis.

The effect of the disease on sperm

When a man has prostatitis, does not make love, seminal secretion stagnates in the prostate gland, in other words, inflammation begins. And this means that the composition and quality of sperm deteriorates. Let’s first understand the composition of normal sperm, compare it with what happens with prostatitis. And so, according to the World Health Organization, with the proper functioning of the prostate gland, a healthy young man releases about 3.7 ml of sperm at the end of sexual intercourse (average).

The norm is from 2 to 6 ml. The consistency should be viscous, the color is white-grayish, the smell is similar to chestnut flowers, the acidity is from 7.2-8 pH, the number of spermatozoa is 20-200 million in 1 ml. The total number of spermatozoa is approximately 50 million.

The environment of the vagina is foreign to male germ cells – a lot of spermatozoa die before meeting with the egg, which means that fertilization will not take place if their number is less than the specified figure. The composition of active and motile spermatozoa is at least 30% of the total amount. Each sperm has a physiologically correct structure. Namely: the head, body and tail. When one of these parts is missing, it means that it has blocked its main function – it cannot fertilize a female cell. Also, all spermatozoa should be separate from each other: do not stick together or intertwine with each other, as each of them carries its own DNA.

In the case when a man has prostatitis, the properties of spermatozoa change dramatically. A person who does not have sex gets the consequences that were mentioned earlier. The composition of sperm worsens: there is less of it, the number of sedentary spermatozoa increases. The color becomes translucent, with a blue tint. Increased acidity, viscosity, a lot of cells with an abnormal head, not the ability to fertilize an egg.

As a result, we can conclude that sexual intercourse plays an important role in the treatment of prostatitis. It is only important to remember that it should be regular and end with ejaculation.